Friday, 24 February 2012

Down the Drain   
Llydso Bank announced their performance figures for 2011 this morning.
£3,542,000,000 Loss
As we own 41% of this bank it has cost us each (man, woman and child to put it in tabloidese)  just over £24. 
The vast majority of this was compensation  for those to whom Lloyds had sold Payment Protection Insurance which was inappropriate or utterly useless.
Part of our contribution was to the bonus scheme - yes, we gave £2.56 each to reward this performance.
To put this into my own personal distorted perspective - that's five times what the Queen costs me last year.   
In terms of the contribution to my well-being there is no contest here.
Opposite the canal basin where we are spending the winter Lloyds Bank Group occupy a couple of office blocks. 

One, known locally as the Blue Leany, was previously  the headquarters of Equitable Life. And we all know what happened to them. 



For at least a week there has been water pouring from this pipe in their grounds.

Perhaps this should replace the prancing horse as their corporate logo.

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