Sunday, 5 February 2012


We had to take some things down to Bath on Thursday and followed our usual route from Aylesbury via Oxford-Burford-Tetbury-Cirencester.  This drive over the Cotswolds is very relaxing apart form the traffic around Oxford and the inevitable tourists coaches at Bibury.  We are of an age when we do not relish sitting in a car for two hours at a stretch and so we  break the journey somewhere for refreshment and leg-stretching.  Rather surprisingly, when we came into Bibury the village was deserted - not a coach in sight, no camera-toting Japanese or vociferous Americans to be seen. 
Taking this unexpected opportunity we stopped at The Swan for a cup of tea.  The setting is charming, as was the service. Very restful and really hit the spot.

After a cold night, the fountain in the courtyard was picturesque.

On our return to Aylesbury I was dismayed by the lack of pride displayed by  Aylesbury Vale Council in doing nothing about the shortcomings of the Waterside Theatre. Back in January 2011 I highlighted these in some detail. 

A year later the roof is still dripping water on the public who financed this ego trip.


As predicted, the woodwork is starting to look tatty.

And on Jan 4 this year the deciduous lettering finally demonstrated its disgust for the tatty woodwork by starting to jump to its death. As is the custom amongst such letters seniority is given to the largest A.
Five weeks later it is still missing.

The attempt at simulating Cotswold  dry stone walling to evoke the rolling Chiltern Hills has become a linear waste bin.This was not foreseen by the experienced planners at AVDC.

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