Sunday, 8 January 2012

Xmas Communications
A strange thing seems to have occurred with our Xmas messages this year.
A fair number of people we sent season's greetings to and have been  in contact with for many years do not appear to have reciprocated.  This phenomenon has manifested itself both in the virtual world of e-card and also the terrestrial snail mail.
Most puzzling!
Furthermore we have received cards from two people we do not remember.
Perhaps things will become clear during the year.


  1. I could well be a culprit here. I never open online greetings after nearly getting caught a few years back with what should have been a card and looked as if it came from someone I knew. Wrong on both counts.
    So if you did send a copy to me thankyou for the thought, if you didn't well seasonal greetings to you both anyway.

  2. Thank you for your greetings.
    Your poiint is well taken and you have been transfered from the virtual to the terrestrial list.


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