Thursday, 12 January 2012

Nocturnal Ramblings

I made the mistake two nights ago of gong to bed when told to by She who must be obeyed.  It was too early for me and consequently I was  wide awake again by 1.15 am. Some words came into my mind and they rhymed

She slipped beneath her chosen wave
And said farewell to handsome Dave
Dave, meanwhile, was out with Mave
And did not see her smile and wave.

By breakfast time I had grabbed some more sleep and forgotten the words as one does with dreams.
Last night I woke again during the night and the words suddenly came back to me.  This time I scribbled them down thus:

No more selfless pandering
Since Dave had taken up philandering
She left a note and her ring
On the mantle piece in Havering

Dave's excuses were getting lame
"Lost the keys", "Met Georgie Fame"
She could no longer bear the shame
Nor tolerate his tawdry game

The little life inside her tummy
Would never ever call her mummy
Or kiss her, with face all crumby
Or snuggle up, smelling yummy

A wobbly face obscures the light
Strong arms drag her, short and slight
On the beach she looks a sight
But she's far too weak to think of flight

Now she cuddles her son Larry
And her husband, lifeguard Harry
Whilst Dave has gone to live in Barry
With a checkout girl he calls Carrie

Someone said they were in the style of John Betjeman which I take as a compliment to me and an insult to JB.


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