Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Grand Union Water Loss
On the way back from Luton yesterday I jumped off the bus at Marsworth to take a look at the locks since BW has lowered the water level in an effort to find the leak(s).
Apparently 60 million litres of water ( that's over 13 million gallons to  Imperialists like me) are escaping from the Tring Summit EVERY  WEEK

Startops Reservoir is
looking very short of water

Lock 39,
at the bottom of the flight ,
is chained up to prevent its use

Above Lock 39
the level is noticeably  low

Below  Lock 41
some of the pounds
appear relatively unaffected

But as you approach the top
Water levels are
well below norm

Below lock 45
the top lock
things are quite dire


  1. Anonymous11:43 am BST

    Hi Peter

    Would it be possible to use one of these pictures for NABO News please?

    many thanks Chris

    1. Chris
      By all means use my photos so long as you credit me


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