Monday, 21 March 2011

Give them an Inch...
When we arrived at Marsworth yesterday afternoon we found Too Sassy already there.  No sign of Paul, however. He arrived later carrying boxes.  He and Sue have sold their house in Kings Langley and are buying one in Spain so lots of things to move around.
We also met Martin from Tegu but without Tegu!  He has sold it and bought an even smaller boat - Rascal. We always felt an affinity with Tegu as it is a S.American gecko.

A lovely bright morning  to climb the seven Marsworth locks up to the Tring Summit and then descend another seven to Berko.
We were surprised not to find Pengelanty somewhere  amongst the Marsworth locks  but passed her moored south of Cowroast.

On the descent to Berko we had trouble opening the top gates due to the level of water.  At one lock She Who Must be Obeyed called in the assistance of a passing man.

Some of the gates down here have been refurbished and even have modesty panels below the balance beams.

Its good to see that the anglers are still being looked after.  Although there are no nice platforms to fish from as on the Aylesbury arm they are only banned from fishing on four inches of the main line.

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