Friday, 25 March 2011

Flying Boat

The serious work of blacking the hull commenced this morning.  First our neighbour for the night had to pull away. They had originally intended to drop off the Section 8 boat but realised that the crane was on hire for a week and so they ought to get their money's worth and departed in search of other prey.
Meanwhile we took to the skies and flew to roost on trestles where we could access the underside of Gecko.

The slime and grime of the past few years was blasted off with a jet wash the like of which you cannot buy from B&Q.  This is so much easier than scraping away manually as I did the first time we blacked the hull.

By this evening we had managed to get the first coat of blacking onto the hull before collapsing in a heap.

Up early tomorrow to apply the second coat.  What joy!

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