Friday, 25 March 2011

8 till Late
We arrived in Bridgewater Basin near Croxley yesterday afternoon  and breasted up alongside a WIP boat as the crane was occupied with a tiny tug called Tiny.
Around 8pm we were surprised by voices on our water side! A peek through the curtains and we found a 14ft wide  dumb barge with crane trying to come alongside.  It appeared to be the one that had passed us at The Grove, heading north.   But now it had a cargo - a plastic boat due for *Section 8 destruction although there was not much more destruction to do to it.  We previously saw this  craft sunk just below Lady Capel's Lock.  Fortunately we have acquired a few extra fenders over the last year or two and so were able to prevent damage to Gecko.
*Section 8 of the BW regulations gives them power to remove and dispose of boats  for a variety of reasons including license arrears.

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