Wednesday, 21 June 2017

It Ain't Alf Ot Mum!

Today is the Summer Solstice, often called the Longest Day. But surely all days are the same length - approximately 24 hours. It has also been the hottest June day since the drought of 1976 when the hosepipe ban started in February. Inside Gecko the temperature reached 95F / 35C again today but the breeze made it more comfortable cruising than mooring, unless shade could be found.
Whilst in Banbury we say the narrowboat Whio from Aylesbury which is owned by two Kiwis who are in the last year of a five season plan to cover all the waterways in England. We saw them last summer on their way to the Lancaster canal. They are now en route to Cambridge and Ely.

Whilst we were waiting for the Aynho Weir lock to be vacated nb Hampshire Rose passed by. This was originally owned by Ann & Gerald who we also wintered with in Aylesbury  until they sold it last year.

Aynho Weir lock is a strange lozenge shape. Immediately before descending it the River Cherwell crosses the canal and the lock was built wider than necessary for navigation so that even when the river is low a reasonable quantity of water is transferred to the canal.

On the agricultural front this field of  flax was just coming into bloom. Presumably for the production of linseed oil. The almost lavender colour is a welcome change from the ubiquitous and garish rape.

What this Heron was hoping to catch I am not sure.


  1. Hi Margaret and Peter. It has been incredibly hot. We are having our new generator fitted at Stockton Marina and wow it was hot in the open. The Heron maybe looking for frogs. Happy cruising to you both :-)

    1. Jo & Keith
      Hope the new genny is working out for you. I didn't know herons would eat frogs. That could certainly explain what he was doing standing alert in the middle of a field.

    2. Hi Peter. Going into dry dock Monday for blacking. We are having a hole put in the hull for the raw water cooling for the generator. The we can fire it up, so fingers will be crossed. Herons will eat Frogs, Worms, voles, and amphibians. I guess if you are hungry you will eat pretty much anything.

    3. Don't forget to fit a sea-cock!
      Heard of a boat with raw water inlet in bottom of boat. (amongst the mud) No sea-cock. Pipe burst and boat sank.


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