Friday, 9 June 2017

A Norfolk Ladybird

Yesterday we descended twenty narrow locks, today we have to descend twenty-one broad ones. We set off once the early rain had stopped and arrived at the top lock just as another boat  opened the gates. Sharing the locks and the operation of the gates and paddles,we emerged from the bottom lock three and a half hours later to go our separate ways - us to moor in Saltisford Arm and they to Tesco for provisions.
On our way to the locks we passed through Shrewley Tunnel. Only 433 yards long but unusual in that whilst working boats had to be legged through the tunnel, the horse had a private tunnel and a respite from towing thirty tons of coal.

Originally the Birmingham & Warwick Canal, it was merged into the Grand Union in 1932 in an effort to compete with road and rail transport. To speed up passage through Hatton locks the GU built broad locks alongside the narrow ones, seen here, now disused.

The boat which accompanied us down the locks today is named 
Bishy Barny Bee
which apparently is what natives of Norfolk call a ladybird. It may derive from Bishop Barnaby who wore a red cape.

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