Tuesday, 6 January 2015

The Silly Season

When parliament is in recess over the summer the newspapers feel the dearth of political stories  renders them devoid of any news and in response dredge up anything they can. Typically - Phew! What a scorcher is the quality of their output.
During our stationary location during the winter we have no cruising related stories to report and are in our silly season.  This is exacerbated this year by our elongated winter, starting, as it did, in late August. It is also likely to extend beyond the end of March as I am due to have a hip replacement.
Of course, when we are cruising I am often too busy to complete and publish all my thoughts and I have a pile of part-completed works gathering virtual dust .
To address both these problems I am dusting off these uncompleted works with the intention of getting them out onto the blog.  I hope you enjoy this rag-bag as it unfolds.

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