Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Here we go again

In September 2012 we were heading up the Trent & Mersey Canal on our way to Reedley Marina for the winter when there was a massive breach at Dutton. Had we been one day earlier we would have passed the site before the breach occurred. In the event we had to turn round and make a detour via the Macclesfield and Peak forest canals before rejoining our route at Manchester.  an extra 21 miles and 82 locks!
Dutton breach 2012
The repairs took 8 months and cost £2.5m.  C&RT, enjoying its new charitable status exhorted the public to donate money for this repair. The appeal yielded less than 1% of the require sum.
Since the repair there have been reports from local residents that water was still leaking from where the repair met the original canal bed indicating a poor completion of the job
Now the repair has breached again and the canal will be closed until the spring.
When will business organisations learn that outsourcing is only as good as the supervision of it. Short term savings are easily to achieve but can come back to bite you if control of the contractors is inadequate.

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