Monday, 19 May 2014

The VW Aquacar

We bad farewell to the Ricky Festival this morning, packed away the Xmas lights, folded up the flags and set off north.  At Batchworth lock the lavender boat waited for us to fill our water tank and we shared the lock with him. (A note for romantic ladies - Lavender Boat is not a floating  aromatherapy salon - it is a euphamism for the boat which pumps out toilets).  As we left Batchworth lock a wid-beam boat arrived to follow us up so we were on our own for the next lock. Then we arrived at a lock to find another widebeam in front of us .  It felt like Fat Boat Slim sandwiched between them. At Casio bridge we managed to share with the fuel boat - Hyperion. After that we were on our own again for the remaining six locks.

The journey was far from uneventful, however.

This is not a tragic accident.

I think it is a prefabricated cabin.

As we approached  the bridge at Hunton Bridge - near Abbots Langley - our passage was blocked by a loose boat.

We managed to secure it and moored up just round the next bend for a late lunch and rest.

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