Thursday, 22 May 2014

Always read the small print

Yesterday we moved up from Apsley to Berkhamsted.

- or The Port of Berkhamsted as some style it.

Please note the nice shiny blacking and the bright  red and white tunnel bands on Gecko. A lot of effort went into achieving this finish.

We met only four boats in as many hours.
At Winkwell swing bridge we had to wait for C&RT who were repairing the bridge after it had again been hit by a boat. This occurs so frequently there ought to be a flashing orange light or something. It would be cheaper than constantly repairing it.

Winkwell lock can be a bid hairy as the River Bulbourne enters the canal just below the lock and is quite fierce. The best technique for entry is to open both gates and aim steadfastly for the gate nearest the river and keep the power on. Just as you reach the lock the river flow sweeps you over to the other side of the lock and with luck  you make it without hitting anything.

 At the penultimate lock of the day - the twelfth - my sharp-eyed wife , always seeking to please me pointed out that there was free beer at the Rising Sun.
Her more worldly-wise hubby reminded her to read the small print. What the sign actually says is:


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