Monday, 21 October 2013

Where are they now?

When we first moved onto Gecko we spent two winters moored on the canalbank in Stourport. There were a number of liveaboard boats there who we came to know and who would meet for curry night at the local  J D Wetherspoons each Thursday.
Where are they now?
Dream On is in France and for sale (see details below).
Cloud Nine went to France, came back and was sold
Rainbow Lorikeet was sold and we see it around from time to time.
L'Attitude Adjustment was sold last year but we have not seen it again since
Manama has been sold twice and we have seen ita couple of times.
Plum Crumble was sold. We saw it last week on its new mooring.
Uisce Beatha we saw last summer on the SU.
Puddleduck we believe is still around but our paths have not crossed.
Dolly Day Dream was sold and we saw it last week re-christened DayDream by painting out Dolly.
Free Spirit we think is still in the original ownership and we have seen it from time to time.
Max Babe we think is also still in Stourport
We are coming to the end of our eighth year on Gecko. Perhaps we will visit Stourport next year for a Wetherspoons curry.

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