Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Why Should I Pay Road Fuel Duty on my Central Heating Oil?

Our home is on the canals and at present we use red diesel for heating and lighting - just like we did when we lived in  a house.
The EU wants to stop this and force all 'pleasure craft' to pay fuel duty and full VAT as we currently do for propulsion. Diesel used in central heating boilers  for houses do not pay road fuel duty and attract a reduced rate of VAT - 5% instead of 20%. Since moving on to Gecko eight years ago propulsion fuel has TRIPLED in cost for us. We have no gas  or solid fuel on Gecko and so 80% of our fuel is used for generating electricity and to heat the boat.When the EU proposed removing the red diesel allowance for propulsion a few year ago the government said they would fight it but they ended up horse-trading it for something to please more voters.
This time they must stand up to the EU.  I do not see why I should pay road fuel prices for heating my home because it is on the water not  on the land.
Please read the following petition and sign it if you agree.


Last day to sign

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