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Please feel free to append your comment to any post that interests or annoys you.
Many people do so but I suspect that their contribution may not get as wide an audience as the original post.  This is becasue the comment appears at the end of the post concerned and often this is not the latest one (some go back years)
To redress this, here are a fe of the recent comments with a link to the original pos

 Hi Peter I agree with your comment quote - Early morning dog walkers and joggers, commuting cyclists, anglers, weekend mountain bikers, mid-morning pushchairs and Sunday family strollers all bring something - unquote. Except there is one thing they don't bring - £££££ James on An Illustration of C&RT's Attitude

 Exactly! on An Illustration of C&RT's Attitude

48hr moorings with nowhere for your rope, the sign off things to come. I've just bought a new 16mm drill bit for my hammer drill so I'll be all right :-) on SUCS to C&RT ! 

 I thought of tying Gecko to the trees. And that 48 hr post looks quite sturdy...... on SUCS to C&RT !

 This is awesome! on An Illustration of C&RT's Attitude

 The people from South Wales are wonderful people. Paul, Chris & Ivy on Audlem Lock wheelers

This family were wonderful. The lads, espcially James thje younger one was so inquisitive and intersted. They both had rides on Gecko through a lock and were great. they were on a two week holiday and appear to have spent most days on or near the canals.They live near my cousin and know the local chippie. However I would not go so far as to say that all people from S. Wales are wonderful - there are one or two odd ones. on Audlem Lock wheelers 

From Graham Greene - The End of the Affair" - "I remember Henry chose a Vienna steak - it was a mark of his innocence. I really believe he had no idea what he was ordering and expected something like a Wiener Schnitzel. ... he was too I'll at ease to comment on the dish and managed to to ram the pink soggy mixture down." on Vienna Steak 

I found The End of the Affair so moving that when I later bought the soundtrack to the film (which I have not seen) I could not listen to it without getting upset. If you have not heard the music I suggest you borrow it from the library in case you, too, find it too emotive. on Vienna Steak 

 I didn't know that. And I doubt many of the software engineers I worked with in the 90s knew that either. Mo on For the Love of Ada or Was Babbage a Cabbage?

No, me too. Although I am not surprised. Appalled yes! But not surprised by the idiocy of the law! If the magistrate had his hands tied by the law couldn't he at least have made it a custodial sentence? And surely, if a dog is dangerous and out of control it doesn't matter where it is! Kath (nb Herbie) on I Don't Understand 

 Hi Peter Here is a bit about Esther if you are still out there. There is a Face Book group which is trying to save Esther. Esther is a sail trawler. This is her web page Below is her Face Book page. I would be pleased if you could join her Face Book group and tell your friends if you think this is a good cause. Kind regards Eugene Forrester onA Boat Too Far?

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