Monday, 11 March 2013

Reedley Marina Expansion

When we were here in 2009 the marina had only been open for about a year and there were already plans to extend it from the 100 or so berths.  Then came the credit crunch: a rash of boat-builders going bust and suddenly there are more marina berths than boats looking for them.
Barden Mill with its extensive water frontage
However renewed optimism has emerged with a full marina and the decision to merge the mill business of Barden Mill, (the owners of Reedley Marina) with that of Junction 12  which is further along the canal beyond  Brierfield The plan is to demolish the mill buildings and to build 19 high quality town houses.

Plans courtesy of Barden Mill Ltd

 At present the mill occupies the lower third of this map (left):  Reedley Marina is in the centre; and the proposed expansion is at the top of the plan. where the water appears blue.

The new  extension will differ from the current marina in two particulars.  Firstly, at its southern end, there will be purpose-designed berths for wide-beam boats to moor in pairs,.
Secondly, it will be a lay-by design which is cheaper to construct and more convenient for access by the wide-beamed boats which are popular on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal..


The view of Pendle Hill , however, will remain  - just shared by more boaters.

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