Thursday, 14 February 2013

Perfume of the (Lunar) Year

I was reminded by a regular reader of Gecko's Progress that back in our youth visits to or from ancient aunts were often accompanied by  a particular perfume: an eau de cologne called 4711.  Legend has it that the perfume was created by a Carthusian monk in the eighteenth century.

Apparently it was created as a remedy rather than a perfume and the story of how it ended up in the portfolioo of Proctor and Gamble it rather tortuous.
The story behind the name  seems to stem from a period in the history of Cologne when all the buildings were numbered in one sequence and building 4711 was occupied by the owner of the recipe.
 It is also rumoured that during WWII German submariners were issued with vast amounts of 4711 to mask the body odours which developed in the confined space.

However I have some good news for Jane and anyone who wants to relive the past:
4711 can still be purchased at    Cheap

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