Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Lunar Year Day 4

Day 4 - Feb13
Today you should welcome the God of the Stove back with fireworks and an animal sacrifice in the kitchen.
As heaven is a long way off the God of the Stove usually arrives sometime in the afternoon.
The Year of the Water Snake
Legend of the White Snake is one of the most famous tales from ancient China. The tale goes that a white snake came to the human world as she was longing for human life and married a scholar named Xu Xian. However, such marriages were opposed by Fahai, a Buddhist monk at the Jinshan Temple, who maintained that coexistence of human and evil spirits was impermissible. He then buried the white snake underthe  Leifeng Pagoda on the banks of West Lake, near Hangzhou. Many years later, the Madam White Snake's son rose to high office and he offered a sacrifice to his mother in front of the Leifeng Pagoda. God was so moved by his action that he made the pagoda collapse, which enabled the family to be reunited. 

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