Saturday, 9 February 2013

Are You Ready for Year 4711?

Today is (Lunar) New Year's Eve 4711
By New Year’s Eve, you should have done the following:
  • Clean the entire home to get rid of all the things that are associated with the old year.
  • Put away all brooms and brushes.
  • Pay all your debts.
  • Resolve differences with family members, friends, neighbors and business associates.
  • Buy the following: - red money envelopes
    - oranges and/or tangerines
    - circular candy tray (the tray of togetherness)
    - flowers (especially plum blossom, peach blossom, water lily)
    - a new set of clothes and shoes for children, preferably something red or orange.
  • Get new paper money from the bank. and put it into the red envelopes. which apparently bestows magical powers on it. The lucky money envelopes are given to children during the New Year period.

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