Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The Price of Staples

You may recall I had a  *GOM session last December about some business practices at the stationery company Stpales.  If not, then here is the linkSmaller Staples

This week I had to purchase some more ink for the printer.  The pack I bought last time is to the right in the illustraction below.
It has four cartridges and cost me £21.45.
This is no longer available and so I had to buy the one on the left.....
It has only three colours and cost £20.99
To make the full set I would have to buy the Canon original black cartridge at £14.50
Grump, Grump, Grump.......
* GOM= Grumpy Old man


  1. You should have gone to Printerinks and you could have had 3 sets for that price


  2. 25 minutes - what took you sol long to respond?

  3. Martin (famous author)5:46 pm BST

    That's nothing to the problem I had when I went in to Staples to buy some staples for my stapler. I could not find them - every confounded box had 'staples' written on it. I now go to Rymans.
    Martin (famous author)

    1. have you tried buying slippers at Boots?


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