Saturday, 22 September 2012

More Floating Trees

Before we leave the 19th Arrondisement we should take a brief look at the three canals  which come together at La Villette -  St. DenisSt. Martin  and  de l'Ourcq. 
When we talk of lift bridges in England we think of the back-breaking structures built by canal companies when funds became too tight for elaborate brick or stone structures.
rue du Crimee bidge fully raised for the trip boat
On the Canal St. Martin the rue du Crimee road bridge is lifted by electric pulleys to allow the passage of canal traffic. Pedestrians are not inconvenienced as there is an adjacent arched footbridge: cars have to exercise a little patience which is not a characteristic frequently encountered in Parisian motorists. 

If you want a free boat trip on the Canal St. Denis then take the short walk from the canal junction at la Villette past the first lock to where the Ave. Corentin Coriou crosses the canal. Here you will find a shuttle boat (navette fluvial) to take you to the shopping centre - Le Millenaire .

Powered by electric thrusters and running every ten minutes for twelve hours every day these little water buses will whisk you under the Peritherique and turn sharp left into  a redundant commercial basin where something over 140 shops occupy a modern shopping mall. (yes, I do US English too!) Total journey time about six minutes but it is free

We were fortunate to discover this around 7pm on Saturday night and so avoided the shopping crowds.  We also avoided spending any money as the shops were all closing up by the time we arrived.

Not to be outdone by the floating trees recently launched by C&RT  the Canal de l'Ourcq has its own contribution. 

It is rather limited in its cruising range being powered by a single outboard motor and also being tethered to one bank of the canal. 

Of course you cannot trust the French to play by the rules and so this installation (that's what they call art nowadays) is a pedestrian bridge which is moved aside for the gravel boat to make its way. 

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  1. I loved all the pictures above which are expressing your words. I think having canal boat journey is a great way to spend some beautiful moments with our friends family and worker etc. which make us experience as like adventure and fun.


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