Monday, 2 July 2012

Product Failures

The last four days have not been good ones for us.
On Friday we had new cratch cover and tonneau fitted at Wilsons of Kinver. They made up the template two weeks ago on our previous visit to the town.  We were glad that we had replaced them before the heavy rains and thunderstorms.  That is, before we found three leaks!  The day we arrived in Kinver we also found a water leak in the domestic system: rather, we found the waer but not the leak.  Several attempts at  doing so eventually seemed to point to a failure of the calorifier (hot water tank).  This was new only 15 months ago and should not have failed so soon.
The result is that we are sitting (in the rain) at Authley Junction waiting for a new calorifier to arrive for fitting and someone from Wilsons to rectify the canvaswork.

And it is still raining.

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