Tuesday, 3 July 2012

我是 太 太

Since my experience with ducks on the roof in Cosgrove three years ago.
I have been diligently learning my duck language and on Monday it paid off.
Whilst walking beside the River Thames in Henley we met this charming creature.
Unsure whether this was a Teal or some other species we stood and debated the issue.  Meanwhile said bird was quaking away and suddenly i realised what she was saying:
Wo she tiatai. - this is the Pinyin representation for humans.

我是   太 太 = I am a female Mandarin

In case you are not as well versed as me this is Mandarin for:

I am a wife

 And so the message clicked - she is a female Mandarin Duck

All those hours of study were well worth it.

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