Monday, 23 May 2011

Ricky Festival Under Threat
This is always the best organised of festivals.  It is also popular because of the wide range of music which emanates from the four stages throughout the two days. 

One of the highlights is always the Tug of War between consenting boats. This year was no exception with some justification.

Steam powered narrowboats are a rare beast on the canals but every year Swallow has attended and valiantly but unsuccessfully participated in the tug of war.  Unsuccessful, that is, until this year when she won her bout.

Some contestants introduced their own excitement!

The most exciting round for me was the matching of the tugs Atlantic and Pacific.
These are owned by Derek and John respectively who are the two halves of P & S Marine where we blacked Gecko's hull back in March.
Derek achieved a storming win  accompanied by an  impressive production of smoke.

John and his son seemed quite cheerful in defeat, however.

Transport for London carried visitors from the station to the festival on prototype Routemaster RM1 and an RMC.

A new feature was the BBQ where you selected your meat  on the hoof so to speak.
Here is my selection for a mixed grill.

The future of this festival is under threat because the local authority who part fund the event have decided to cut their contribution by 50% next year and withdraw completely the following year. 
So get your diary out and mark the penultimate weekend in May 2012

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