Monday, 30 May 2011

Bletchley Park
We rarely stop at Fenny Stratford without visiting Bletchley Park at least once during our stay. This time we were surprised to find a 1940s weekend in progress which meant we had no need to dress up. the weather was drizzly all day but the events were very good. 
After a brief look at the mansion we listened to a lady talking about her experiences of being evacuated. Very moving., particularly as she was sent away without any explanation and she assumed it was because she had been naughty.  In many ways this was similar to the current exhibition at the Foundling Museum in London. In the basement until October is an exhibition with audio and video recordings of people who were brought up by the Foundling  Hospital.

Other special events today included a 1940s disco with expert dancers.......


.....a most remarkable re-enactment of the plotting room during an air raid .....


.....and a fashion show where there was a surprise appearance of Sir Winston Churchill.

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