Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Brave Little Fellow
Of all the water fowl the foulest in my book are the Canada Geese (no offence, Norman in Vancouver). Their call is in no way attractive they s**t all over the boat  and there are just too many of them. Yesterday afternoon as we were preparing to leave the last lock of the day a group of Canada geese with four goslings were subjected to an unprovoked attack by a male swan.  I assume they must have  encroached on his territory as the geese were a good 50 yards from the swan and just pottering around the top lock gates. The swan managed to grab one of the goslings and alternately held it under the water and then shook it around. We managed to chase the swan off with the boat hook and the gosling was dropped in the process.  We then opened the gates and let the geese into our lock, closing the gates after them. We were then stuck in the lock with with four goslings who were too small to get out onto the bank and did not have the aeronautical skills of their parents who joined them in this private pool. The parents were at a loss as to where to go. Occasionally they went to the  bottom gates and looked down to the raging water eight feet below but each time they chickened (?)out. Eventually I managed to catch three of the goslings in our fender and football recovery net and put them on the bank where the parents joined them.  The last little fellow now was more distressed and bravely jumped from the bottom gate where he instantly disappeared in the foaming whirlpool below.Fifteen seconds later he reappeared with the rest of his family  and they all swam away. 
I still don't like them but I dislike agression more.

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