Thursday, 3 February 2011


Today – Thursday 3rd February, 2011 - is the first day of the

Lunar New Year Festival for the year of the Rabbit

Those of you who do not espouse Budhism or Taoism may need a few pointers regarding the 15 days of celebration which you are about to undertake.

Day 1 - Feb 3
-It is unlucky for women to use knives today so no food preparation. Meals must therefore consist of leftovers.
-Married women should not visit their family as this will make them poorer.
-Wealth and luck of the household will diminish if sweeping or rubbish disposal takes place today.
-Washing your hair will wash away your luck
-Don't eat congee (rice porridge) for breakfast as this is paupers' fare and you may tempt fate.
-Washing clothes today will offend the God of Water whose birthday it is.
-Eating meat before noon will offend the gods who visit as many of them are vegetarian.

To wish others wel,l try:

Gong xi fa chai which is Congratulations and make a fortune in Mandarin

or Kung hey fat choy which is the Cantonese version and more common in UK.

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