Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Sent to Coventry
When I arrived at Sutton Stop on Saturday morning it was choc-a-bloc. I had hoped to moor near the service block and car park for the convenience of the generator engineer due on Monday. However, I had to continue to the next bridge , turn round, and grab a spot on the way back to the junction. Fortunately a little later in the day a space came available close to the junction and I was able to move down. Off to the shops: In this case the giant Tesco store near bridge 8. Bus route 30a takes six minutes but only if you get one going the right direction. This I did not. Forty minutes after boarding the bus I was back where I had started; Six minutes later I was at Tesco. I have stated before that we always check our supermarket bills and find that one in three of our Tesco bills is incorrect. Why haven't I leaned? Yes, this bill was wrong again! Strangely enough these errors are always in their favour. Usually it is special offers advertised but not materialising at the till. Perhaps it is time to kick Teso into touch or send them to Coventry so to speak. This expression stems from the English Civil War when Coventry was staunchly neutral. When the Parliamentarians forced a garrison on the town and brought with them prisoners from the Scottish borders the locals were not pleased. The prisoners were free to walk around within the walled city but communication between them and the Coventrians was minimal possible because their accent was unfamiliar and difficult to understand. Hence they were largely ignored which gave rise to the expression.
With the generator duly serviced I shall return to Coventry basin to await She who must be obeyed. I have not been completely alone here, though. On Sunday Ali & Elaine from nb Ellie Mae came over to see me. They have just moved Ellie Mae from moorings at Calcut to Kings Bromley for a change of scenery.
The elegant bridge (cast in Deerby) at Sutton Stop is attractive day or night but is not enhanced by the houses built alongside the Coventry Canal.

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