Sunday, 26 September 2010

Coventry to Oxford in One Day
The train from Coventry to Oxford only takes 50 minutes so I left Gecko behind for this day trip.
I was viewing flats for Marcus who is moving back to UK from Germany sometime soon now that Olga has finished her studies. Macus's employer has an office in Oxford and they have agreed that he can carry out his duties as effectively there as in Mainz.
Douglas, the younger one, aslso has a connection with Oxford. After graduating and before training to teach, he worked for a Chartered Surverors on Oxford Castle and Prison. The castle was built in 1071 and was a working prison until 1996. Ten years later a National Lottery grant made it possible to excavate the area and subsequently the prison buildings were converted to an hotel.

Before the work began, the site was in a fairly run-down condition. This photo was taken during the survey.

Excavation in progress.
Photo coourtesy of English Heritage

Looking a lot smarter now as a boutique hotel.

Where people pay to sleep in a prison cell.

Click here to download a brochure about Oxford castle

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