Saturday, 25 September 2010

Not Alone
I really felt as though I had been sent to Coventry today: The three boats who shared the basin with me last night all left. Including Whio which belongs to a Kiwi couple who moor it in Aylesbury over the winter. About four pm a Yellow Peril arrived as I was going into town for some bits and pieces. When I returned they were setting off again leaving me all alone. This has happened a few times whilst I have been here. I have checked my aftershave and religiously have a shower each month whether I need it or not so I assume that some people do not realise that the city is only two minutes walk from the basin. If the lights around the basin were switched off during the day the city could afford a sign of some kind to encourage the visitors to stay and spend money.
Coventry is a compact city. I can walk from the basin which is just outside the ring road to the railway station which is beyond the ring road on the opposite side of town in 15 minutes. For its size Coventry saw more destruction than most industrial towns in WWII. Perhaps this was because the Industrial Revolution passed the city by and the industry which did develop here was the more recent technologies - internal combustion engines, aeroplanes, bearings and the like - and more relevant to modern warfare.

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