Monday, 9 August 2010

Trouble with E in Stone
Eleven months since our last visit to Stone. Always enjoy it here. A canal town which is happy to be so. There is even a new board announcing its claim to be be the birthplace of the T&M canal. It was here that Josiah Wedgwood and friends met to form the Trent and Mersey Canal Co.
During our last visit we encountered a poor example of written English in the form of an advertising banner for a nursery school - see blog 17 Sept 2009 - Teacher teach thyself.

It seems that the teachers are not the only ones in Stone to have problems with the letter E.

There have been attempts to smarten up the town in several places and so it was the more disappointing to see this result of Saturday night fever. With all the CCTV camera around it must be possible to identify the culprits as they would not have been in a state to conceal themselves.

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