Friday, 6 August 2010

Hidden Treasures
The church of St. Michael in Macclesfield is not attractive on the outside. It is dark and dumpy.
Inside, however, there are treasures to be found.

Some fine windows by Wm Morris & Co. These were quite late and it is unlikely that William Morris carried out any of the work himself.

Perhaps a more authentic example of Arts & Craft work are the windows by Christopher Whall who made every piece personally by hand.

I find the windows by Paul Woodruff most remarkable. They depict in three panels, the boy Jesus flanked by his parents. If you look at stained glass figures the faces are usually all the same - and rather featureless. The detail in Joseph's face demonstrates an unusual skill and confidence.
Another unusual item is in the chapel of the Savage family. On the tomb of Sir John Savage VII and his wife the effigy of Lady Elizabeth is higher than her husband indicating her more noble birth.
To the rear of the church is this street - 108 Steps. I did not verify the title but took it on trust. (see also blog post of May 21 - Where is Barlick)

And to finish with one exhibit from the Paradise Mill museum - a silk tapestry of narrowboats

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