Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Old Friends
We spent the bank holiday weekend careering around the country in a hire car.
On Saturday we were in Ballinger, Bucks for the marriage blessing of Senta and Wolfgang. Not content with civil and church weddings in Germany they came here for their British friends to witness their marriage vows. We also met many of our former neighbours
When we returned to Gecko at around midnight the Dudley tunnel was lit up and a variety of screams emanated from its portal. The reason became clear when the Ghost Tour emerged.
On Sunday we visited the IWA national rally which was being held near Ratcliffe-on-Soar where we spent a little money and kept bumping into Brian and Diana from Harnser.
Today we left the museum and made our way down to the new Main Line via Factory Locks and through the Netherton Tunnel (3027 yards). to moor at Merry Hill (or Merry Hell as it is often called). Just as we finished our lunch the heavens opened - thunder, lightening, rain and hail. It was so violent that some hail managed to bounce up into the ventilation mushroom and drop down onto the dining table.
On our way here we passed some boats gathered ready for a rally next weekend amongst whom were Jjinad, Potwell inn, Airdale H and Nobody Knows. Kevin was the only crew member in evidence . After a few passing words with him we were ourselves hailed by Danny the painter from Severn Valley Boat Centre who lives on his boat thereabouts. You can't hide from anyone on the canals!

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