Friday, 11 September 2009

Famous Author Writes Again!

Martin Lloyd the world famous author has recently published another book
recounting his cycling exploits. A sub-title for this could be Pyjama Game. you will need to read it to understand why.

If you are not familiar with this author then here follows a a quick run down of his other works.

The seminal work on the history of the passport. Essential reading for those who have always wondered what that beautiful script inside the front cover of the British passport is all about.

Tales of cycling in Northern France with Frank and Hairy, both of whom are world famous in their own fields.

Tales of cycling in Spain without Frank or Hairy but arguably the better for that

An exciting adventure story which evokes France in the 1970s
I found this hard to put down - due to the sticky cover on my library copy

A romance.
(How can a man be expected to comment on such things?)

....S T O P .... P R E S S

My spies tell me that Martin (World Famous Author) is about to publish another adventure story set in 1970s France. Furthermore it is strongly recommended that you read or re-read The Chinese Transfer first. If my spies are right then you have a few weeks to accomplish that . As this is a bootleg copy of the proposed cover you might be advised to order it by name and not rely on seeing on the shelf.

All these books are or will be available from
Queen Anne's Fan
PO Box 883
Canterbury CT1 3WJ

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