Monday, 15 June 2009

Centre of the Patch
Weedon Bec is fairly near the centre of England, being about equidistant from the East and West coasts. We feel very much in the centre of something with the A5 one side of us, the West coast main line the other side and the M1 only 100 yards away. To the afficianados of patchwork this could also be the centre of their world. For here is an an amazing shop/gallery where you can buy everything you need to immerse yourself in patchwork production (including courses on how to do it) - The Bramble Patch. Today they were exhibiting entries in some compeition but I was more interested in the strawberries and cream on offer in the cafe. True to form I missed out on the culinary delights (all say aaah!) and feasted instead on the artistic ones. A selection of which are here for everybody who did not have strawberries and
cream today.

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