Tuesday, 24 March 2009

When is Friday?
Most of our entertainment over the winter has been provided by BBC Free Ticket department.
We have enjoyed a variety of radio shows, the highlight of which must have been the Discovering Music series for Radio Three which have been recorded at the Colliseum (was Town Hall) in Watford. These have been superb. Last week, however, we were at the Colliseum again on Monday night for a recording of Friday Night is Music Night for Radio 2. The following day we were at St. Paul's Cathedral in London for the recording of At the Foot of the Cross which will be broadcast on Good Friday. Although I was singing exceerpts from The Messiah I did not make any mistakes sufficiently loudly to be identified in the recording.
It seems that if you are a Radio 2 listener living in Watford that Friday occurs somewhere between Sunday and Tuesday but if you live in the City of London it occurs a day later.

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