Monday, 23 March 2009

Ready for The Off
All the library books have been returned, farewells said to boaters and other species, tanks filled with diesel and water, toilets emptied of this and that, larder filled with cakes and ale......Yes, we are off in the morning.
This afternoon we shuffled the boats around in order to extract Gecko from its cosy mooring in the corner of Aylesbury canal basin. This always reminds me of the game I was given as a child: a pictre of Windsor Castle made up of 15 square plastic tiles in a frame with one space. By sliding the pieces about it was claimed that the picture could be composed. I never managed it. However we were much more successful today with the boats. After two weeks of sunshine we managed to find the only 40 minutes of torrential rain and hurricane winds this month to carry out the exercise.

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