Saturday, 7 March 2009

If at first you don't succeed..
..Change the rules
Well that is what the ever glorious BW seem to think.
Alrewas is a charming village on the Trent & Mersey canal. Its charm (except when the Trent is in flood) has not gone unnoticed by canal users and some are tempted to overstay the 14 day limit for mooring. This winter this selfishness has been blatant to say the least with several boats staying 5-6 months. One boat has even connected his hose permanently to the water point. Whilst these freeloaders are occupying a stretch of canal with made up footpath and convenient water point, those who pay for winter moorings on the off-side with no path or water point have justifiably raised their concern with BW.
If you wish to look away at this point and make a guess at the solution determined by BW please ensure you are sitting comfortably before you read the next bit.
BW has changed all the moorings from 14 days to 48hours limit!
It seems to me that the problem is the lack of enforcement of the current rules . Boaters who are prepared to stay 6 months on a 14 day mooring are not going to consider the change in rules pertinent to there situation. All this change achieves is to penalise the majority of boaters who abide by the regulations and deprive The Crown, The Old Boat, The George & Dragon etc of their trade.
I have been studying this school of philosophy (Bwism) but I am experiencing some problems getting to grips with the nuances of it. I must try harder.

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