Monday, 18 June 2007

It's a load of rubbish
Recycling is quite a challenge on the canals as BW provision is very rare and local authorities cannot agree on what they can take. Some will take card and paper, some paper only; some take only aluminium cans, other steel too; some take all plastic, other cannot cope with polystyrene; aluminium foil throws everything into further chaos. However, we know that at Cosgrov there is a site near the caravans where we can get rid of all the bits we have been carrying around for the past few weeks. Well we thought we knew! No sign of bins but there is a sign - FACILITIES FOR RECYCLING IS NO LONGER PROVIDED DUE TO HEALTH AND SAFETY CONCERNS. WHAT???
I think it's time to recycle some of the H&S jerks who cannot understand that the purpose of risk assessment is to determine how to manage the risk. Elimination of the risk by banning the activity is a giant cop-out. And while we are on the subject of rubbish, what do the local authorities who are planning to charge by weight for collecting rubbish (in addition to the Council Tax, no doubt) think the result will be? Have they heard of fly-tipping? If driving to the council tip incurs a charge then it will be easier to throw it under a hedge somewhere. That will certainly save everyone money and improve health and safety.

After this shock to the system it was good to moor at Fenny Stratford one again (ten mins after the heavens opened of course) and to chat to Gordon on nb Alderbaran. Beckie was out with Alex and his new brother Matthew. Perhaps we will see them on our return in August.

Swing bridge and stop lock at Fenny Stratford

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