Thursday, 20 April 2017

TSB = The Stupid Bank

Whilst we were away in China we received  an email from TSB where we had a small savings account. As all Google activities are blocked in China we could not read the email but it  was followed fairly swiftly by an SMS. This we could read and learned that there appeared to be a problem with out account. As no activity was anticipated on the account other than the receipt of interest we were a little concerned. The SMS was not specific about the nature of the problem and, as it came from a NO-REPLY address we could not enquire. Unable to contact TSB by email or SMS and with mobile calls costing £1 a minute I eventually made a quick call ensuring that from the outset they had their tape running. I gave them our details and asked them to sort out the problem and let us know the outcome by SMS. Two months later, when we returned to UK, I logged on to our account  to find that TSB had been trying to make a payment from an account with 26p in it. Each time they tried they charged us £10. (They never  responded to my call) After reading the message from TSB I attempted to respond but the function for this process was greyed out.
So I called TSB and asked why the Respond now function was not available and was informed that this was because it was not available.
So why is it there?    I asked
Because it is not available.   They responded
So why is it there?    I asked again
Because it is not available.   They responded again
So where is the  Order Coffee button then?    I asked
The account is closed now  and the £30 in charges have been cancelled. 
I think we will stick to banks where bi-lateral communication is possible.

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