Monday, 17 April 2017

10th Anniversary of Gecko's Progress

Ten years ago today I started publishing this blog.
It was never intended to be just another canal travelogue but more a  sharing of our musings. Over these years our life has seen many changes culminating in our decision, after my latest (3rd) hip replacement, not to live aboard Gecko in the winter in future. This decision has little to do with the weather: any liveaboard  knows that there are few places as cosy as a narrowboat with the fire on. Our practice of mooring up in a marina for five months we have found a little stifling with unchanging views of moored boats, hatches all battened down, and little opportunity for social intercourse. Also a realisation that as we get older we become less mobile and ultimately we will migrate to a home ashore has prompted us to take pre-emptive action. We have  bought a bungalow in  Lancashire and found a great  mooring in Scarisbrick Marina for Gecko. And so we arrive at this anniversary with a decision to make about the future of Gecko's Progress.: to call it a day or to resume with perhaps less canal content.

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