Monday, 20 May 2013

Activity at Aylesbury

As the date for moving the boats from Aylesbury Canal Basin to the new marina at Circus Field draws closer activity at both sites is increasing.

The building to house Travelodge, Waitrose and the car park is losing its corrugated cladding as the structure progresses.
With 22 boats lifted out recently when lock 12 collapsed closing the arm the basin is looking rather empty

Circus Field May 19
Meanwhile at Circus Field work on the new marina is going apace.

"Just add water" might be the next instruction.

The quality of the design is showing in the generously wide jetties with non-slip decking.

The turn from the canal into the marina looks a tad tight from this aspect 

Apart from restricting access to the site, no progress appears to have been made on the repairs to lock 12.
Lock 12 viewd from lock 13

It will certainly be out of use for the summer but the boats due back for the winter will be hoping CaRT pull their fingers out soon.

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  1. Linda and David3:00 pm BST

    Hi there
    We cannot belive that you have been on Gecko for 8 years !!!
    The new Marina at Aylesbury looks good if the lock is now working.
    Our activity is cycling beside the canals so hope to see you when you are near Aylesbury.
    Much Love Linda and David


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