Friday, 17 May 2013

A Shipley Interlude

On both our outward journey from Reedley to Rodley and on the return we managed to spend a few days on Merchants' Quay in Shipley.

From here we can walk easily to Saltaire and visit the Shipley Glen Tramway. 

When we last visited the Tramway it was in a sorry state but we were pleased to find it now spruced up and doing well. I hope it starts to recoup some of the considerable private investment which has been made to restore it.
It no longer costs one penny to go up and a ha'penny to descend but it is a very inexpensive and interesting way of climbing up to Baildon Moor for a picnic.

For a history of Saltaire read my post from three years ago.

Shipley town has a market square which does host a street market.  It also has a covered market which, as these do all over the country, looks dowdy.  It has a rather odd clock tower which is illuminated at night and as befits its design, the colours change like those lights you stick in the garden which run off solar panels for three weeks and then pack up.Above all, however, it has a friendly and lively population. We have enjoyed more conversations with strangers in and around Shipley than anywhere for months.
Another cake fresh from the oven
A shining example of this enthusiasm we found in a tea shop -Interlude Tea Room and Emporium .  This retro-styled establishment evokes the inter-war years with its decor and music. The home-made cakes and scones and the dedication of the staff to satisfying every customer is so refreshing in a world where mediocrity and apathy are too often the retail experience. I visited the shop three times during our stay in Shipley.  On the first occasion I bemoaned the difficulty in finding cheese scones nowadays which taste of cheese.

Cheese scones for Peter
On our last morning I popped in to pick up something for our travelling lunch and on the counter was a plate of freshly baked, really cheesy scones.

They didn't stay there long.

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  1. Thanks for the great review of Shipley and of Interlude Tea Room. Also, thanks for the advice on owning and running a canal boat. We hope to see you again next time.


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