Friday, 30 November 2012

Lost in the Post

As we are wintering at the other end of the country from our PO Box I recently set up a redirection for the mail to come to our winter mooring. This should have commenced two weeks ago but no mail has arrived.  I tried to call the sorting office where our PO Box is held but they are ex-directory. So I called the Redirection Team somewhere in the Royal Mail organisation.  They gave me a complaint number.  But still no mail.  So I took a train 200 miles to visit the sorting office personally.  Here I leaned the procedure for setting up a redirection:
1) Take the customer's money - DONE
2) Confirm to the source address the details of the redirection - DONE
3) Confirm to the destination the details of the redirection - DONE
4) Instruct the sorting office concerned and supply address labels -??????
It transpires that the labels from Royal Mail redirection Team to the Royal Mail sorting office are LOST IN THE POST.
I can only suppose that this level of performance is being developed in preparing Royal Mail for sale into the private sector.  If I were the queen, I think I would insist on the Royal tag being removed from the organisation.

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