Sunday, 6 May 2012

Uccello and Waverley

We spent a quiet night at The Cape near Warwick and took a bus into the city for a short walk around in the early evening. We didn't stay long as we have 21 locks to climb in the morning.
Looking back down Hatton Locks towards Warwick

The weather forecast indicated that it might stay dry until lunch time  so we set off around 8am hoping to pick up another boat to share  the locks.  These are broad (14ft) locks: two boats and two crews make the work much easier whilst saving water.In fact we had a glorious day and being a Bank Holiday weekend there was an abundance of gongoozlers towards the top of the flight.

Derek taking a well-earned breather

On the short run from our mooring to the first lock we passed nb Uccello moored with satellite dish up and chimney smoking so not much chance of them joining us in the climb.That was a shame as we had met up with Derek and Carrie a couple of times before: the last time being at Marple in August 2010.  Also we met some friends of theirs last autumn when we took a trip on  Paddle Steamer Waverley.
There was no-one waiting at the first lock so we decided to tie up for a while but before we were able to do so Uccello came steaming round the corner. Derek had seen us pass and quickly packed up and followed.  Carrie was still in bed! And so we spent a lovely sunny morning climbing the stairway to heaven catching up on gossip. Take a look at Derek & Carrie's blog

On arriving at the top we sampled the BBQ fare at the cafe before continuing our journey to moor overnight at Tom O'the Woods in Rowington.


  1. Hi Peter
    There are two c's in Uccello
    You could have posted an action shot
    No doubt we will meet again sometime soon as you are going the same way

  2. Ooops!
    Sorry Derek, my Itallian is not up to much.
    I didn't catch a true action shot as you worked so fast.
    We are at Lyon's boatyard for a few days before going into Brum so you will pass by soon.


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