Thursday, 24 May 2012

A Tipton Tale

One of the things Tipton is famous for (and there are many I am reliably informed by the residents of Tipton) is the Tipton Slasher.

William Perry was a pugilist in the 19th century and became the English Champion. from 1850-57  He was know as the Tipton Slasher and there is a statue commemorating his achievements in Coronation Gardens which is alongside the canal. This is rather appropriate as he was a canal worker.

His base until 1851 was at The Fountain Inn, opposite Coronation Gardens.

Whether this pub still produces bare-knuckle fighters I would not hazard a guess.

Of course, Leamington Spa is also on the canal and they have their boxing hero - Randolph Turpin.  I remember my dad talking about him in reverential tones and relating how he beat Sugar RayRobinson in 15 rounds. (10 July 1951) for the World Middleweight title.

This was a short lived title, however, as he lost it to Robinson in September the same year.

I don't remember dad ever telling me about that.

This statue of him is in Warwick which is also on the canal but I am not sure of the connection.

Still, everyone loves a hero!

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