Thursday, 11 August 2011

Signs of the Times 
Over the years I have been able to capture some of the odd signage which adorns our streets. Much of it reflects an educational shortcoming: some a lack of diligence. I apologise to regular readers who have seen these before but promise more original content in future.  

This is for TMW somewhere in USA who will  appreciate the American spelling which crept into this banner advertising a nursery school in Stone in Staffordshire. It does make one question where the teachers qualified (sic).


There was obviously more than one accident at this site outside Barden Mill in Burnley .


This arrangement for cyclists near Bayswater in London is an accident waiting to happen.


My opinion of the education level of BW staff has been aired here before, so no further comment is necessary.


This restriction is presumably for a very small section of the angling community.


Not having encountered this very singular word before I assume the offer is for one-legged people.

If you intend to get locked in Victoria Park in Bath make sure you note the telephone numbeer displayed on the outside of the gate before entry.

Solid or soiled? 
Why dispose of any nappies in the sanitary bin when a member of staff will assist you.

Banbury may be remembered by most for the Banbury cakes and the fine lady on a white horse but I shall always think of this sign and the lack of interest displayed by the perpetrators when I informed them.


Therre is an important road safety sign behind this willow tree but what?
Hillmorton likes to keep its drivers in the dark.

The town of Saltaire in Yorkshire has many points of interst bu the impossibilty of these opening hours caught my attention.
How can 12 oclock be pm (after midday)?
And how does the 12pm - 8pm thing work?

In Oxford they know what they want and make it quite clear.

As they do too in Aberdeen Harbour, Honk Kong. It might have been simpler to state what is permitted.

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