Sunday, 10 April 2011

Hot Chocolate 2
I am not sure that anyone reading the earlier posting "Hot Chocolate" appreciated the time and date of its publication.
 - 11.59 am April 1st
I did, in fact, buy a chocolate  cake amongst the half price bargains at Tesco without reading the package properly: I did suggest that the solution would be to buy and return a microwave: but we actually ate it uncooked.
Shan't do that again.


  1. how much is a narrow boat

    1. How long is a piece of string?
      If you consider 58ft as an example:
      A new build to live-aboard standards would be £120,000
      Afive year old boat in good condition might be half that
      If you are prepared and capable of repairing/restoring then you may find something for £20,000
      then you have to license it, insure it, fill it with diesel from time to time, maintain it, etc, etc, etc,
      Try looking at the Waterscape website and reading some of the monthly magazines eg: Waterways World, Canal and River Boat


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